About Garage Door Repair And Installation Services

Do you have a single-family home with an attached car garage? Or is it detached from the main house? Do you live in a multi-family residential property with rows of garages? Even if you have a single or three car garage – At Garage Door Repair Minneapolis, we can handle any problems that you may have any time of the day. Our technicians can repair any type of garage door accordingly – 24/7.

garage door repair

Garage doors have complicated parts that require a professional hand. We can deal with any issue that may compromise the functionality of your garage door – may it be the cables, rollers, springs, alignment, brackets, chains, sensors, or electric openers. Any hardware or part in your garage door that is broken will be fixed to the best of our abilities.

We can fix your broken garage door springs and cables. If the problem is a malfunctioning automatic opener, lights or sensors, that is something that we can fix for you. If the rollers, alignment, and brackets are problematic, you can rely on us to repair it for you.

You obviously do not want your commercial garage door to be broken because it can compromise the daily operations of your business. Instead of suffering a broken garage door, you can call us and let us handle the problem for you.

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